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Life Coaching

Designed to help define your goals and realize more of your potential, life coaching harnesses your talents so that you flourish. Improve your habits and put your plans for personal excellence into action.

Family life is perhaps the most rewarding and challenging of all human endeavors. Even with the inevitable difficulties, building steady connections within the family is of the highest value. Learn effective practices to ease parenting struggles and relationship issues.

Personal Effectiveness

Change that enhances personal and relational well-being begins in the mind and turns into action. Anxiety and depression are burdensome and isolating. These challenges are manageable with the proper mental tools and their effective, systematic application.

Due to tremendous increase of personal responsibility, the high school and college years can be especially difficult to navigate.  A strong foundation is a lifelong benefit.


Career and Academic Advising

Academic and career decisions can be daunting.  While the future is never certain, one can move forward with confidence.  Careful planning and self-awareness increase the reasonable expectation of success.

Certified to administer and interpret Hogan Personality Assessments, I am able to provide individuals the opportunity to understand how their personal interests, abilities, and values may likely predict success in the academic and professional fields. Combined with tailored support, my clients form academic and career goals that align with these discoveries.

Leadership Development and Strategy

Effective leaders execute a strategic vision, maintain clear communication, engage team members, promote an effective culture, and command respect while operating with a high emotional intelligence.

Understanding the way we think and respond in difficult situations helps us intentionally improve the decision making process and achieve optimal results.

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